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We’ve got a great climate in Australia and hours of sunshine that many continents endlessly envy. As a result, many Australian homes are designed to be flooded with sunlight at all hours of the day.

Whilst a light and bright home is often top of the wish list for potential buyers, all of that UV glare can actually lead to problems.

Window tinting Adelaide is a cost effective and increasingly popular way to protect your home and maximize comfort. We’re fairly used to seeing tinted windows on cars so it’s the same principle.

Here are our top 5 reasons to get your home windows tinted:

  • 1. Reduction of Indoor Heat

It can get really hot and uncomfortable in homes where the sun is constantly coming through the glass windows. Using a good window tinting film can help to provide up to 78% reduction in heat transfer and keep the inside of your home feeling cooler and far more pleasant on hot summer days.

  • 2. Reduction of Electricity Bills

If you’re used to putting on your air conditioning the minute the Summer is here, you might be able to reduce those bills significantly. Window Tinting will reduce the heat of your inside space, meaning you’ll have less need to cool it down with expensive electrical devices.


  • 3. Privacy and Security

There’s another reason why many people have opted for tinted windows. If you live in a basement or ground floor apartment, or your upstairs windows are overlooked by neighbours, the chances are you’d love a little more privacy. Window tinting can help to provide this without the need to fit fussy blinds or expensive curtains.

  • 4. Protect Furniture and Soft Furnishings

Some of the quality window tinting films can help to block out up to 99% of UV rays. This means that you could notice a real difference in how your soft furnishings, wall hangings, paintings and furniture is affected by sunlight coming through the window. Chances are you’ll see a huge reduction in fading and stains – extending the life of your household items and saving you money.

  • 5. Reduction of Glare

It’s often pretty annoying when you’re writing emails at your computer or carrying out household tasks to find that you have to squint to see anything. Window tinting can help to reduce the level of glare and leave you to get on with what you need to be doing.

For more information about window tinting and window films, check out the Energy Efficiency Centre.