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5 Reasons To Get Your Home Windows Tinted

We’ve got a great climate in Australia and hours of sunshine that many continents endlessly envy. As a result, many Australian homes are designed to be flooded with sunlight at all hours of the day. Whilst a light and bright home is often top of the wish list for potential buyers, all of that UV […]

Investing in a House Vs. Apartment

Real estate is one of the most lucrative areas of investment. It is always fruitful because people will always want to have a place to live or rather stay. However, for the investors, the challenge comes in when they need to decide whether to invest in a house or an apartment. The investor could use […]

What Does A Real Estate Agent Actually Do?

As a real estate information source, we are writing to provide insight on real estate agents, buying, selling and renting property, investing in property and current updates in the field. As this is our first post, we thought we would get right down to basics… what is the role of the real estate agent. So […]